Mission & Philosophy

Hausner’s mission is to promote academic excellence, community responsibility, and vibrant Jewish living.

Learning / Limmud - לימוד

The Hausner curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and hands-on learning, providing a dynamic environment that encourages each child to flourish. Students acquire the tools for independent thinking, and emerge as life-long learners and community leaders.

Community / Kehillah - קהילה

We provide an inclusive and supportive community for K-8 students and their families. Our school reflects the diversity of the Jewish community in America. We welcome Jewish families of different traditions, and view this diversity as a sign and source of our people’s continuing strength and vitality.

Respect / Kavod - כבוד

We believe that the atmosphere for learning is as important as the academic curriculum. We foster a culture of respect, tolerance, and acceptance inside and beyond the Hausner community. Our curriculum emphasizes concern for our world and environment—the responsibility of tikkun olam.

Israel - ישראל

Our school emphasizes the special relationship of Jews everywhere to the State of Israel, its land and people. We teach responsibility for the Jewish people, Am Israel. The Hausner curriculum instills a love of the Hebrew language. Hebrew literacy and fluency unlock the richness of Jewish literature and connect our students with Jews everywhere.

Compassion / Rachamim - רחמים

Our curriculum responds to the intellectual and developmental needs of our students. Children learn in an environment where they feel safe and supported, so they may develop strong and ethical voices. We create opportunities for our students and families to act compassionately in our community and beyond.

Justice / Tzedek - צדק

Our school honors Gideon Hausner, the great Israeli jurist and statesman. As Attorney General, Hausner worked to build the modern Israeli system of justice and to outlaw international terrorism. We are proud to be associated with this great leader whose life was dedicated to Jewish values, justice, education, and the State of Israel.

Torah / 5 Books of Moses - תורה

We study Jewish texts as an essential element of Jewish education. We approach these texts in a spirit of reverence and intellectual openness. Our curriculum draws upon the insights of commentators and scholars from every age to illuminate textual study and to encourage active dialogue. Hausner is egalitarian; students have equal roles in all aspects of Jewish life, including the fulfillment of mitzvot. We nurture each child’s mind and spirit, and encourage children and families to learn together.

Special thanks to Limor Gerstel for designing our Philosophy Statement icons.