Service Learning


To promote philanthropy to the younger generation through Jewish values, personal passions, and teamwork in order to fulfill the Jewish responsibility of tzedakah.

Hausner creates meaningful opportunities for each student to participate in the mitzvot (commandment) of avodah la’olam (work of the world), bikkur cholim (caring for the sick), ma”achil re’evim (feeding the hungry), and tikkun olam (repairing the world). In the lower grades, students participate in varied activities – such as making blankets for sick children, preparing sack lunches for the homeless, decorating cards for the elderly, or distributing food to the needy – so that all our students are actively involved in making the world a better place.

In a Google search for “avodah la’olam,” the first articles that come up will be about our nationally-recognized 7th grade Avodah La’Olam project. But no matter what their grade, we encourage our students to give of their time and money (over half a million dollars to date!), and teach them how to do so responsibly and effectively.

Service Learning Opportunities

  • Chicken Soupers

    Each month, one grade is responsible for cooking home-cooked meals, creating cards and delivering these packages to needy of Jewish Family and Children’s Service’s clients.

  • Community Service Day

    Kindergarten to 8th grade students and faculty participate in a number of very significant projects supporting widespread members of the local community. The theme of the day alternates between several mitzvot.

  • JFCS Canned Food Drive

    Our collaboration with Jewish Family and Children’s Services began in 2007.

  • Rainforest Bake Sale

    As part of their study of ecology, animals, and conservation, 1st graders hold a highly popular Rainforest Bake Sale. All proceeds from this sale go to buy acreage of endangered rainforest.

  • Thanksgiving Pie Drive

    Pie tins and recipes for apple pie go home with each student before Thanksgiving. The finished pies are collected at school and volunteers deliver them to homeless shelters serving Thanksgiving dinners. Our 2nd graders also bake dozens of corn muffins for these Thanksgiving dinners.

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