Tuition Assistance

Hausner continues its strong commitment to socio-economic diversity through its Tuition Assistance program. For the 2017-18 school year, the school distributed $1.3 million to over 30% of families in the community. While parents are expected to contribute toward the tuition cost to the extent they are financially able, the school encourages those who need assistance to apply. The maximum award level is 75% of full tuition per student.

Hausner offers need-based tuition assistance awards that seek to cover the difference between a family’s available resources and the cost of a student’s educational expenses. Currently, the Board of Directors sets aside 13 percent of the expected tuition revenue for tuition assistance. A Tuition Assistance Committee designated by the Board of Directors distributes the funds based on applications received by the established deadlines. The majority of assistance decisions are made in February for the following school year; however, a reserve fund is also set aside for families who unexpectedly need assistance during the school year. Hausner, like many other independent schools, uses the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) from the School & Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) as a tool to calculate and determine need. Tuition Assistance awards do not need to be repaid, but it is required that recipients reapply for tuition assistance annually. In most cases, a student’s tuition payment will remain at a similar level, adjusting for tuition increases. In rare cases, usually due to a dramatic change in financial circumstances, do award amounts change substantially.

There is no specific income level above which a family no longer qualifies for financial assistance. Several considerations are taken into account in the fully confidential evaluation of requests:

• Income earned from all sources

• Number of children in the family

• Number of children attending Hausner or other private schools

• Specific family circumstances

• The maximum award level is 75% of full tuition per student


Below is information regarding dates and required documentation to complete your Tuition Assistance Application for school year 2019-20.

To apply for tuition assistance, please submit the documents listed below

By January 22, 2019:  To School and Student Services (SSS)

Complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) online at Click on the “Apply Now” button to set up a PFS online account using your e-mail address and a password.

If you are a returning parent who completed an online PFS application last year, use your e-mail address and existing password.

Submit and pay the required, nonrefundable fee

Make a copy of your submitted PFS form


By January 22, 2019:  Directly to Hausner (hard copy or by email to

 Completed Hausner Tuition Assistance Request Form

A copy of your submitted PFS form

2018 W-2 or 1099 forms, for both parents, if working

December 31, 2018 and January 15, 2019 pay-stubs for both parents, if working


By April 16, 2019:  Directly to Hausner (hard copy or by email to

Your filed 2018 Federal 1040 IRS tax return


Award Notifications will be sent:

To re-enrolling Hausner families on February 15, 2019

To new families on March 21, 2019 along with the admission decisions via email

More information, required forms, and the link to SSS by NAIS are posted on the right side of this page.