School Lunch Program

Hausner students enjoy fresh, nutritious meals from our new state-of-the-art kosher kitchen in our onsite school lunch and snack program. Our goal is to provide students with well-balanced meals that support growth and give them the energy and focus they need in the classroom and on the playing field. Seasonal menus prepared from scratch include fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains. Students enjoy healthy snacks and a variety of lunchtime options, including soups, a salad bar, and a choice of entrees. Importantly, the program honors the diverse dietary needs of our students and the dietary rules of our campus.

The program also creates the opportunity to strengthen our community – students, faculty, and staff alike – when we break bread together. And through it, we help our students draw direct connections between healthy food and student learning in the classroom. This is especially exciting because we know that when students eat fresh food (some grown in our garden beds) while learning about it in the classroom, they are more likely to develop lifelong healthy eating habits.

Hausner contracts with SAGE Dining Services to bring this program to life. For over 25 years, SAGE has been serving independent, private schools across the country, offering fresh, nutritious meals prepared onsite daily. With a client list of over 230 schools, SAGE brings valuable experience to the proverbial table. Menu options have been reviewed and supported by a committee of Hausner parents that includes pediatricians and nutritionists.

We are excited to offer this high-quality lunch and snack program to our community!

SAGE Spotlight Program


  • What are the benefits of the snack/lunch program?

    This program makes sure that your student – and our entire student population – gets plenty of delicious, healthy food to keep him/her going all day long. The benefits are great for parents, too! No more ‘mad-dash’ to prepare lunches in the morning. No more planning/shopping to make lunch. No more rushing to school when you’ve forgotten to pack lunch! No more worrying about whether your child has eaten – and eaten well – during the school day.

  • What kind of food is available for snack and lunch each day?

    SAGE selects menus that appeal to kids AND are good for them, providing only nutritious, delicious, and healthy options. There are a variety of offerings that provide protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Lunch includes a hot entrée (plus vegetarian option), soup, salads, and beverages with kosher meat entrées twice a week. Importantly, the program honors the diverse dietary needs of our students and the dietary rules of our campus without sacrificing taste or nutritional value.

  • My kid is a really picky eater. How do you make sure she/he doesn′t go hungry?

    SAGE has over 25 years of experience feeding students with a wide variety of food preferences. They have repeatedly and successfully met the challenge of ensuring that even the pickiest eaters find something nutritious and satisfying to eat for lunch.

  • How do you insure that my child with severe food allergies is safe?

    We work very closely with SAGE to ensure that all food prepared follows clear guidelines so that it is safe for all students to consume. As Hausner is a nut-free school, no nuts are used in the preparation of any foods. There are dairy- and gluten-free options, as well.

  • My kid has a really big appetite. Can I still pack a lunch for my child? Will he/she get enough to eat?

    We hope that you take advantage of the nutritious and delicious snacks and lunches we provide as part of your tuition. If you feel strongly that you’d like to pack lunch for your child, please be sure that you abide by our dietary policies at school, which include no nuts and no meat from home. And remember, as long as students eat what they take, there is no limit to the servings they can get.

  • Is the lunch program environmentally friendly?

    Everything is served on dishwasher-safe, compartmentalized, plastic, washable trays with real utensils and non-disposable plastic glassware. All remaining refuse will either be recyclable or compostable. Waste measurement will be done by both Hausner and SAGE to determine how much food is being consumed. Changes will be made accordingly to ensure the lowest possible percentages of waste.

  • How can I give you feedback about the lunch program?

    You can email us at