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  • Hausner Fund

    The Hausner Fund is the single school-wide voluntary fundraising appeal of the year. The Hausner Fund supplements tuition and helps to:

    • Hire and retain top-notch faculty and staff
    • Impart inspiring curricula
    • Maintain our multi-building campus
    • Continue our commitment to need-based financial aid
    • Create the joyful Jewish learning environment at Hausner
  • Endowment Funds

    Hausner’s Endowment Funds provide for the lasting well-being of our school. As our community reflects on over 25 years of providing Jewish education and academic excellence, we look to the future to ensure Hausner is a premier Jewish day school for generations to come. Our Endowment Funds will provide Hausner with critical resources to support and strengthen academics and programming, provide increased accessibility for students and families, and further our commitment to Jewish life and continuity. Memorialize a loved one, honor a special person in your life, or perpetuate your family’s name by creating a designated endowment. These funds provide enduring support for important program areas in school as well as ongoing tuition assistance for students in need. For more information, please contact Kerin Nash, our Development Director, at (650) 494-4407.

  • AmazonSmile Program

    Amazon will donate 0.5 percent of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases when you designate Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School as your charity. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know—same products, prices, and service.

    Visit, log onto your Amazon account, and select Hausner as your charity.

  • Car Donations

    Donate your used vehicle, benefit Hausner, and receive a tax deduction!

    Hausner is working with Donate for Charity ( to provide a quick and easy way to get rid of an unwanted or inoperable vehicle, while also benefitting the school. Donate for Charity can pick up your car – operable or not – from anywhere in the United States, handle most title and estate issues, and provide our school with a 70 to 80 percent return on the net proceeds.

    If you decide to donate your vehicle:

    • It will be picked up free of charge
    • It will be sold at auction, either as a whole car or for parts
    • Hausner will receive the proceeds
    • You will receive a receipt for the tax deductible portion of the donation

    A printable car donation flyer can also be found hereWhen you are ready to donate your vehicle, call Donate for Charity toll-free at (866) 392-4483 or donate online at

  • Tribute Gifts

    Hausner welcomes your gifts to honor important life events such as weddings, B’nei Mitzvah, births, birthdays, or to honor the memory of a loved one. We will send the appropriate person a card. For more information, please contact our Development Department at (650) 494-4407.

  • eScrip

    Hausner has teamed with eScrip to offer an easy way to raise funds for the school.  By registering online at and shopping at participating merchants, you will help Hausner receive about $10,000 per year.  This program costs you nothing and the school benefits every time you make a purchase.  Please take a moment to sign up today.

Your support of fundraising programs is critical to Hausner’s success! Every gift, of any amount, is important.


The Hausner Fund

The Hausner Fund is the single school-wide voluntary fundraising appeal of the year. Hausner Fund donations translate to many wonderful aspects of the Hausner experience including:

  • Hiring and retaining top-notch faculty and staff and supporting teachers’ professional growth through participation in trainings and conferences
  • Expanding our technology and innovation program
  • Connecting with Israel
  • Sustaining our commitment to need-based tuition assistance

This year, the goal for the Hausner Fund is $681,000. We ask each Hausner family, as well as the Board of Directors, to make a meaningful gift to the Hausner Fund. In addition, many grandparents, alumni families, and friends in the community give generously to help enrich our program.

Every gift is important and significant. Support for the Hausner Fund ranges from $18 to $36,000, with many joining one of our three Recognition Societies:

The Foundation Circle is comprised of parents of current students, parents of alumni, and community friends who have made gifts of $25,000 or more during the preceding or current academic year. The Society also extends to families who have supported the school over the years with cumulative donations exceeding $250,000. This growing circle of supporters is instrumental in enabling Hausner to both innovate and to stay resolute in its core mission of promoting academic excellence, community responsibility, and vibrant Jewish community. 

The Leadership Circle honors and expresses gratitude to two important groups of people: those who have contributed at least $10,000 to the school during the preceding or current academic years, and people who have supported Hausner over time with cumulative donations exceeding $100,000. We honor the members of this group at our annual Leadership Circle event in late Fall. These generous donors invest in the lives of Hausner students by enabling Hausner to create a nurturing, warm environment steeped in Jewish values. 

In our fundraising efforts this year, we hope to inspire Community generosity to the school at the Leadership Circle level, i.e., at the $10,000 level, as follows:

We hope to inspire eight families to increase their gift to $10,000. The idea is that all eight families have to make the increase. If we can’t find eight families to do so, then none of the families is obliged to increase to $10,000. This is a Community effort, and as a Community we will be able to reach new heights for our school!

The Gesher (Bridge) Circle honors and expresses gratitude to parents of current students, parents of alumni and community friends who have donated $2,500 or more during the preceding or current academic year. Many families and friends choose to continue their membership in the Gesher Circle year after year in recognition of the enriching and nurturing environment that their children experience(d) at Hausner. We salute the members of this pace-setting group at our annual Gesher Circle event in late Spring. Our hope is that the power of their example will serve to encourage others to give generously to Hausner.

Every gift, of any amount, is important. If you would like to make your Hausner Fund gift today, please go to Online Giving. You may also write a check made payable to Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School and mail it to the Development Office at the school or make a gift of stock using the Stock Transfer Form (on this page).

Join us! For more information, please contact Kerin Nash, our Director of Development, at 650-494-4407 or


  • Q: What is the Hausner Fund? What is the money used for?

    The Hausner Annual Fund is the school-wide voluntary fundraising appeal of the year that supports the school’s operating budget. Dollars raised by the Hausner Fund are a necessary, integral part of the school’s budget. This year, the goal is to raise $681,000 for the school, with 100% participation from our current families.

    The Hausner Fund is important because it demonstrates the support of our community.  Widespread support of the school through the Hausner Fund conveys a powerful statement reflecting the community’s belief in and dedication to Hausner’s goals and programs. Every gift is a vote of confidence in the school and how we deliver a high quality Jewish education to our students. Every gift – large or small – truly makes a difference.

  • Q: How much and when should I donate to the Hausner Fund?

    We encourage parents to make Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School one of your highest philanthropic priorities while you have a child or children in the school. The Hausner Fund is the school-wide fundraising appeal for Hausner that supports the school’s operating budget and we strongly encourage every parent to participate, at a meaningful level. The difference between tuition per student and the cost of actually educating each student is $3,430, and we ask parents to cover that difference per student if possible. Many parents contribute that amount or more. However, contributions range from $18 to $36,000. Every gift – regardless of amount – is a vote of confidence in the way we deliver a quality education to each child. Hausner Fund donations are tax-deductible.

    We encourage families to make or commit their gift by December 31, 2017. Pledges must be fulfilled by June 30, 2018.

  • Q: How much should I give?

    Families are asked to support the Annual Fund to the best of their ability. Gifts range from $18 to $36,000. The gap per student is $3,430; this represents the difference between tuition per student and the actual costs of educating each student, and we ask parents to cover that difference if possible. Many parents contribute that amount or more.  While large leadership gifts are crucial to Hausner’s financial stability, all gifts – of any size – make a difference and are deeply appreciated.

  • Q: I receive tuition assistance from the school. Do I need to make a gift to the Hausner Fund?

    Yes, please! Making a charitable gift is a great way of showing your appreciation to the school for all that Hausner is providing your family.

    Your charitable donation has absolutely no impact on Tuition Assistance Committee decisions – but it has a big impact on the school.

  • Q: How much of a difference can my gift make, really?

    Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School is an independent school community with many fewer supporters than a university or a national or international charity.  Because our population is relatively small compared with these other organizations, every gift truly impacts our ability to carry out our mission.  In essence, your gift counts MORE at Hausner.

  • Q: Why doesn′t Hausner charge the full cost of educating each student instead of raising funds each year?

    There are three main reasons:

    1. Raising tuition to cover the true cost of educating each Hausner student would preclude many families from joining the Hausner community. We would like a Hausner education to be accessible to as many families as possible.
    2. Hausner is a non-profit organization and therefore contributions to the Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible, thereby providing a benefit to all donors.
    3. The Annual Fund allows members of the broader community who believe in day school education and Hausner’s mission to support the school.
  • Q: There are many foundations that support Jewish education. Why don′t you just ask them for operating support?

    Many foundations that support Jewish education restrict their giving to specific time-limited projects and rarely make grants for operating support.  In light of this, we have had success in fundraising grants from foundations for one-time purposes.  Additionally, foundations look closely at a school’s contributor lists to see if there is support among internal constituents before making a grant.  That is another reason why 100% participation of current families is so important to our Annual Fund.

  • Q: What are other funding sources for the school besides tuition and Hausner Fund support?

    We receive funding for financial assistance and for our Yom Ha’Atzmaut celebration from the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund. We receive financial assistance support from the Schwartzman Family Scholarship Fund. We received funding for security aspects of the L’Dor VaDorCampaign from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

    We are very grateful to these entities for their support.

  • Q: Is my gift tax-deductible?

    Yes!  Since we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, contributions to the school are tax-deductible.  We recommend that you consult with a financial advisor regarding your particular tax circumstances.

  • Q: What if I want to give stock?

    Please do so! Gifts of appreciated securities are a win-win situation all-around. When you donate stock that has increased in value over the years, you do not pay capital gains tax. And there is an extra bonus – if you give a gift of stock or mutual fund shares to Hausner before the end of the year, you may take a deduction of the current fair market value of the stock on this year’s tax return. Please click on the “Instructions for Stock Transfer and Fax Form” download button to the right, below “Make a Gift of Stock,” for the technical information you will need to make a gift of stock. And please be sure to call the Development Department to alert us that a stock donation is coming. Alternatively, feel free to call the Development Department at (650) 494-4407, and we will e-mail instructions to you.

  • Q: May I charge my gift?

    Absolutely!  The quickest way to donate by credit card is to go to  The response envelope that you may have received with the Annual Fund letter also provides a space for you to fill out the necessary information.  Or, you may call the Development Department at (650)494.4407, and we will get the information from you at that time.

    We can also accommodate monthly payments by credit card. Please inquire!

  • Q: How do I go about getting a matching gift from my employer?

    Matching gifts are a great way to leverage your gifts to Hausner.  To get started, contact your company’s Human Resources Department to see if your company has a matching gifts program and what paperwork you will need to initiate a match.  Or you may contact us at (650)494-4407, and we will do some research to get you started.

  • Q: Who serves on the Development Committee?

    Three Committee members are members of Hausner’s Board of Directors and all are Hausner parents:

    • Emily Waldorf, Committee Chairperson, Kindergarten and 2nd Grade Parent, Board member
    • Jennifer Foster, 5th Grade Parent
    • Lisa Friedman, 5th Grade and Alumna Parent, Board President
    • Niv Hanigal, Kindergarten and 2nd Grade Parent
    • Maya Herstein, 1st Grade Parent
    • Lindsay Kimmel, Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Parent
    • Esther Levy, 1st and 3rd Grade Parent
    • Guy Rom, 7th Grade Parent, Board member
    • Shannon Stein, 5th Grade Parent